Special Projects

While our general LiteClub programme focuses on helping as many sports clubs in Aotearoa as possible, we know that the two-hour visit often only touches the tip of the (melting) iceberg. There are a number of special projects that we have been able to carry out with engaged clubs to tackle some of the bigger problems many of them encounter.

Have a look at the projects we have worked on so far and let us know if you are interested in working with us on a project yourself. We will try our best to find the funding resources required to dive into further helping your club, too!

Waste Minimisation Academies

One of the biggest struggles we come across at the clubs we visit is the proper handling of waste - knowing what to recycle, contamination of recycling and education around reducing waste in the first place. Alongside the Public Place Recycling Scheme, we helped Hamilton Netball install engaging bin stations around their courts. During Netball events, which attract between 1,000 and 4,000 people on a single day, these are monitored by the clubs’ players, encouraging them to take ownership of their waste and fostering a responsible waste culture on our kiwi Netball courts.

Within one year of kicking off their Waste Minimisation Academy in 2017, the club diverted 2,880 litres of plastic and can material from landfill, which is making a difference for our planet. Since then, we have helped several other centres and clubs introduce the colourful recycling stations around their courts and greens, all with the catchy LoveNZ logo drawing attention to the bins.

The overall objective of this project is to highlight the ‘win-win’ nature of effective waste minimisation: reducing landfill disposal bills and cleanly diverting waste streams into recycling at the same time. If we can do so by engaging thousands of players and spectators that is even better.

Blueprint Water Club

After visiting over 1,000 sports clubs around the country and witnessing poor water infrastructure at many of these clubs we decided to work on a special project focusing on water efficiency. We wanted one club to serve as a blueprint for other clubs to aspire towards.

Manukau Rovers Rugby Club was the perfect match - like many other clubs in NZ, it was facing the setbacks of ageing infrastructure, causing water wastage resulting in unnecessarily high water bills and water heating costs.

Litefoot teamed up with Watercare to monitor and measure the club’s water use through a logger, helping us figure out where leak repairs were required. To create a best practice model for water management, we partnered with product and service providers Methven, Laser, MacDonald Industries (Delabie), Mico, and Caroma to provide and install a brand new water efficient infrastructure in the club. The install included modern push button showers and taps, new dual flush toilets and the removal of the club’s debilitating leaks.

The results were fantastic - in the 6 months after our implementation in June 2017 the club’s water use reduced by 43%, saving 153,870 litres of water. That’s equivalent to $922 on their bill - not yet including the savings on water heating. One of the most significant results of the upgrades was the fixing of leaks. These dropped by 77%, which we estimate saves the club 123,139 litres per year.

Our goal for the future is to identify all clubs that are facing water stress and work with suppliers on upgrading these clubs with water efficient infrastructure. We want community sports clubs to thrive by being more efficient – saving money that can be spent on community sports and cultivating NZ’s future sports champions.

AquaTrip - leak detection & water conservation

About half a year after successfully upgrading all water fixtures at Manukau Rovers RFC’s clubrooms, their water bill showed a spike in water consumption, which was detected right away thanks to the still installed data logger on their water meter. The club could not find any explanation as to why or where the leaks occurred, and even after some additional work done by Laser Plumbing, the water meter still showed higher than before readings.

Leaks, if left unattended, can cost clubs large amounts of money while also causing property damage. Hence, we were eager to find a solution for Manukau Rovers Rugby Club to fix their leak, and in the meantime keep their water wastage to a minimum. LiteClub teamed up with Watercare once again, and arranged for the club to get a so-called AquaTrip installed, to trial and showcase a best practice guide for leak detection and temporary water conservation.

AquaTrip is a leak detection device that triggers your club’s water meter whenever a leak is detected. The club sets a flow time that is likely to indicate a leak, e.g. water running constantly for more than 30 minutes. If the flow limit is exceeded, AquaTrip will shut off the water main - alerting your club officials and prompting them to take immediate action by contacting a plumber or those responsible for fixing the leak.

When a club has a problematic leak that will take time to resolve, AquaTrip can also work as a temporary water conservation tool. It helps a club to minimise leaks during its out-of-use hours by keeping the water mains turned off. Water can be accessed at any time by pushing the override or reset buttons on the remote provided, allowing for up to 6 hours of continuous water flow before the device trips again. Exclusion zones can be set. It is important to note that AquaTrip is not designed to be a permanent solution for leaks.

At Manukau Rovers, the AquaTrip proved an efficient tool to reduce the club’s water bill while working out their next steps on how to fix the invisible leak. Water bills have reduced to about a sixth of what the club needed to pay before the installation of the device, and the water meter is now measuring approx. 20,000 litres less per month. The club is preparing to lay new external piping to replace the leaking ones, but until this is complete the water saving device is helping them save on bills and put the money towards the repairs instead.

LiteClub wants all clubs to benefit from our findings at Manukau Rovers RFC, so we have prepared several files to share. Whether you are already struggling with leaks, or want to be prepared, we encourage you to download and follow our Leak Checklist and Leak Action Decision Tree. For those clubs that are already suffering from unidentified leaks, please download our AquaTrip Info Sheet. They offer a 15% discount for any club that mentions LiteClub when purchasing an AquaTrip device.

Live Data - Birkenhead United AFC

The Live Data project is set up to measure a particular club’s energy consumption, and more specifically, compare different components such as lighting, water heating, kitchen appliances and their usage patterns.

In 2017, we installed hardware at Birkenhead United AFC to transmit data from six different components to a cloud based system, which makes even the smallest of energy use and -saving efforts visible. At any given time we can identify the specific appliances and areas in the club that are using electricity.

This knowledge enables us and the club to assess their current processes and identify areas in which either a behaviour change can bring about more efficient use of the club’s resources (for example by switching off lights or installing timers at drink fridges or other appliances). It also helps to decide which upgrade to prioritise over others to achieve the highest return on investment both on a financial and an environmental level.

Our long term vision is to have all clubs that are partaking in the LiteClub programme install these live data loggers to compare them in a live league table, encouraging friendly competition among the clubs to see which one can be the most energy efficient club in the country.

Power consumption at Birkenhead United AFC - snippet off data logger

Power consumption at Birkenhead United AFC - snippet off data logger