Flow rate: This is the rate at which water comes out of your tap or showerhead in litres per minute. To balance water and energy use with user comfort, EECA recommends that showers should be set to flow at anything below 9 litres per minute. However, modern showerheads can provide a great shower experience while only using 6 litres of water per minute or less. You get the feeling of a full-pressure shower with less water flow because modern showerheads pull air into the water stream instead of dropping flow and pressure.

How to measure flow rate in your club:

  • Turn your shower on full and run it into a bucket for 5 seconds.

  • Measure the amount of water and multiply by 12 to find the flow rate in litres per minute.

  • If the flow rate exceeds 9 litres per minute, consider installing flow restrictors or efficient showerheads like Methven’s Satin-Jet range. These are specifically designed to provide all the comfort of a high flow shower while minimising water and energy use.

How can you reduce the flow?

  • Fit flow restrictors on existing showerheads: aim for a flow of 6 to 9 litres per minute to maximise efficiency. Depending on your showerhead, a plumber may need to install these.

  • Look into installing a pressure-limiting valve to reduce flow of overall plumbing system.

  • Upgrade shower controls to individual timed push buttons. Push button showers encourage faster showers and cannot be accidentally left on for long periods.

  • Replace showerheads with low flow commercial-grade shower units. These units minimise hot water usage through use of flow limiters and timed push buttons, and are designed to withstand heavy use. Check the WELS label for the most efficient models.

  • This could save your club heaps of money on your water bill. For instance, if you replace a 12-litre per minute showerhead with one that flows at 8 litres per minute, you can cut your water bill by up to $150 a year!