There are lots of areas that allow for a more sustainable lifestyle than most Kiwis realise. Small actions can add up and have a substantial impact on our environment. For this reason, we have collated a database of topics guiding both your club and you personally towards a more sustainable future.

If all of us do a little, together we can achieve a lot!

Following the buttons below, each page provides general information on different systems and devices that are relevant to a club environment, as well as private homes. Embedded links are guiding you to external sources to learn more.

Below is a page with downloadable fact sheets on each topic, educational posters, and other tools that can help guide your club or community group on your journey towards sustainability. For easy steps that anyone can do to reduce their footprint without any upgrades or installations follow the Best Practice button.

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting with a registered professional before installing any upgrades. The given information is intended as a guide only. LiteClub accepts no responsibility for negative outcomes incurred.