Make it easy to recycle right

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A well-designed bin sorting system is clearly labelled to show which materials should be separated. Bins should also be arranged side by side in bright and colourful stations. Helping your members to understand what type of waste goes in which bin will reduce the risk of contamination and reduce work for club volunteers. To find out what you can and cannot recycle: has prepared a great overview listing every council in Aotearoa.

Good signage is everything!

Disposing of your waste - a system that suits your club

All sports club around NZ have one or more of the following back end solutions available to them: council bins, transfer stations, and waste contractors. No matter which option you use – recycling properly is a win for the environment.

  • Council Collection

    If your club is a small waste producer & pays rates in an area that has a rate-funded council kerbside recycling system, this will be the easiest and lowest cost option. Enquire whether you can obtain extra recycling bins for free or a small cost if needed - they are usually less expensive than contracted services. Even if you are not a rated property your council may allow an opt-in service. Check this by calling them! Alternatively, consider organising for your members to take recyclables home to their domestic recycling collection.

  • Transfer Station

    Transfer stations receive recyclable materials (almost always) for FREE. Landfill skips & bins may seem like an easy fix, but they are also the most expensive.

    Use the LiteClub bins we have installed to divert recyclables away from your landfill and organise for volunteers to run the material to the transfer station when required. Adjust to your new level of waste production - arrange with your contractor for your landfill skip(s) to be ‘on call.’ If possible, reduce the size of your landfill skip.

  • Waste Contractor Recycling Services

    Call your local contractor to get a quote on their recycling services. Be sure to get the contract ‘on call’ when starting out. Use the LiteClub bins to cleanly capture recyclable waste streams in the clubrooms. Transfer these materials to the appropriate recycling bin provided by your waste contractor.