Our Team




Hamish REID

Hamish co-founded Litefoot with Michael Campbell in 2008. After successfully leading the Trust for 10 years he has now moved on to become Deputy Chair of the Board. In addition, he has taken on the role as Director of Sustainability and Brand at Synlait Milk Ltd. Prior to his Litefoot times, Hamish and partners established Saatchi and Saatchi’s sport and music consulting business in London in 2005. Here he met Michael Campbell and the two hatched a plan to let sport stars lead by example in reducing their environmental footprints.


Michael Campbell

After winning the US Open in 2005, Michael Campbell needed to figure out a path for leveraging his success in areas he truly cared about. After bonding with Hamish about his deep spiritual feelings for the land, the pair saw an opportunity to use sport as the driver for environmental awareness. Both saw flaws in the way that governments, scientists and NGOs were engaging the public in environmental challenges and felt that sports heroes have a role to play in re-framing the dialogue in a much more positive, optimistic manner.



Antonia Gerlach, General Manager | Operations:

After graduating with a BA (Hons) in International Relations and an MA in Peace and Security Studies, Antonia gained experience in the not-for-profit sector all around the world. After a long journey across many continents, she arrived in NZ. Failing to grow tall enough herself, Antonia coaches secondary school rowing in her spare time.

Contact: antonia@projectlitefoot.org - +64 27 305 0473



Maike Poggel, General Manager | LiteClub Programme:

Maike graduated with an M.Sc. in Business Administration & Economics in 2015, dreaming of traveling around NZ after. She joined Litefoot in her first week here. In Germany, Maike grew up in a home where sustainability was an important aspect of everyday life. She enjoys tramping, tennis, photography, and, of course, watching Germans dominate football! (Heja BVB)

Contact: maike@liteclub.org - +64 21 087 656 87

Uday Pratap Singh, Head of Sustainability:

Uday completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management at the University of Auckland. He is passionate about renewable energy and sustainable living. Along with keen interest in basketball and cricket, Uday also enjoys music, travelling, tramping, and other outdoor adventures.

Contact: - uday@liteclub.org - +64 22 439 7593



Paddy Tarbuck, Sustainability Adviser:

Paddy completed his Masters in Climate Change at Kings College London. After a brief spell in the world of International Development, he decided to combine two of his favourite passions in life; sport and sustainability. Paddy is a keen rugby player and has found his spiritual home in New Zealand. He enjoys travelling, walking, photography and listening to music.

Contact: patrick@liteclub.org - +64 22 301 0573


Claire Keeling, Sustainability Adviser:

Claire graduated from the University of Auckland with a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management. She is passionate about sustainability and developing innovative models to deal with future challenges. As well as being a dedicated Zero Waste coordinator she also works for Ekos - a charity dedicated to building indigenous carbon forest projects.

Contact: claire@liteclub.org - +64 22 403 0257


Project Litefoot is charitable trust operating under the supervision of the Charities Commission of New Zealand (Charities Act 2005). The Trust has been established for an unlimited duration with domicile in New Zealand. The Trust's objects are not of commercial nature. The Trust's bodies are the Board of Trustees, the Advisory Panel, the Executive Team and the Auditors.

Project Litefoot Trust - Annual Report 2019


Board of Trustees

John Rodger, Trust Chair

As General Counsel for Vector, John is responsible for the Group’s legal matters.

Hamish Reid, Deputy Chair

Hamish co-founded Litefoot and is now Head of Sustainability and Brand at Synlait Milk.

Katherine TurneR, Trustee

As CFO at Sanford, Katherine has extensive accounting and financial experience.

Dean Murphy, Trustee

Dean is the long-standing CEO of NZ Golf and our direct link into the sporting community.


Advisory Panel

Sir Rob Fenwick, Panel Convenor

Currently the Director of Te Papa Tongarewa, Sir Rob’s career has spanned many areas that have always been closely aligned with sustainable development. He was knighted for his service to business and the environment in 2016.

Ken Douglas ONZ

With past directorships and presidencies including Air NZ, NZ Post and NZ Rugby Union, Ken brings a wealth of experience to the Trust. In 1998 he was awarded the Order of New Zealand.

Sir Stephen Tindall

After founding The Warehouse in 1982, Sir Stephen has moved into the philanthropy sector establishing the Tindall Foundation. Over 22 years, they donated more than NZ$163 million towards strategies to improve communities and the environment.

Philip Mills

As the founder and CEO of Les Mills International, Philip is a pioneer of the fitness industry and committed advocate of sustainable business.

Professor Dave Frame

Dave is Professor of Climate Change at Victoria University of Wellington, and Director of the NZ Climate Change Research Institute, with real world policy experience in a core government policy agency, having worked in the New Zealand Treasury’s Policy Coordination and Development group.