About LiteClub

LiteClub is an entirely free service for community sports clubs helping them be more efficient with electricity, water, and waste. More efficient use of resources saves money, but also reduces environmental impact; win-win! 

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How it works

Over the course of a two- to three-hour visit, LiteClub’s field team does a heap of changes in the clubrooms: we swap old incandescent lights bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs; we carry water saving devices for taps, toilets and showers; the team installs electric hot water cylinders wraps and pipe insulation to reduce standing heat loss; for fridges holding non-perishable items only, we carry timers that turn the devices off overnight; and as part of our waste minimisation programme we set up sorting-at-source recycling stations alongside informative waste reduction collateral.

These changes will help the clubs reduce overhead costs, as well as environmental footprints.

Shortly after the visit, the club also receives an ‘Efficiency Action Plan’ which sets out a range of recommendations for further improving the efficiency of the clubrooms, helping them become an efficiency champion!



Electricity is often the main contributor to clubs’ overhead costs. On top of easy direct changes that we implement on the spot to reduce electricity consumption we give recommendations that tackle the big issues.



Although it may sometimes be hard to believe, water is a scarce resource in New Zealand, so we need to conserve it where we can. If your club is in an area that has a metered water supply, this will also save you some hard cash.



Nobody likes sifting through rubbish bins to pick out the recyclables at the end of the day. Our colourful sorting-at-source bins are engaging and encourage members and visitors to take ownership for minimising landfill waste.



Peter Miskimmin, CEO at Sport New Zealand:

“The Litefoot team – led by our highest profile athletes – have bold ambitions to do more, faster. It is a first-in-the-world initiative, highly regarded by the International Olympic Committee and strongly supported by Sport NZ”

David Vallance, Club Captain at West End Rowing Club:

A big thank you to the LiteClub team! It is a fantastic service you provide and we are very grateful for all the new LED bulbs LiteClub installed, enabling us to save money on our energy bills. We will work through your recommendations and see how we can implement these improvements to further reduce our environment impact. Many thanks!

Terehia Wickliffe, Treasurer at Hinehopu Golf Club:

“I would like to thank the LiteClub for the visit to our Golf club and for the information provided to us with regard to saving the club money for better efficient lighting, wrapping the water cylinder, etc. Our members are looking forward to start with the recommendations made to us by LiteClub.”

Sandra Goudie, Mayor of Thames-Coromandel District Council:

“Thank you for visiting Whangamata [clubs] to become more energy efficient and save money. It is fantastic that these clubs can do their bit to help the environment plus use these savings elsewhere as needed to keep membership fees down to continue to encourage participation.”

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